September 22nd, 2012

Economics 1400 – The Future of Globalization: Issues, Actors, and Decisions


Robert Z. Lawrence (Kennedy School) and Lawrence H. Summers


This course uses basic economic logic to illuminate the choices faced by businesses, governments, international institutions and citizens as the global economy evolves. Policy issues are debated in class by the professors and students play the role of public and private actors in simulation exercises in order to experience the importance of the decisions made by individual actors for the evolution of the global system.

Economics 1420 – American Economic Policy

Faculty: Martin Feldstein, Jeffrey B. Liebman (Kennedy School), Kate Baicker (School of Public Health) and Lawrence H. Summers


This course analyzes major issues in American economic policy including taxation, Social Security, health care reform, budget policy, monetary and fiscal policy, and exchange rate management. Current economic issues and policy options discussed.

Economics BGP300 – Inside Government: Making Public Policy

Faculty:  Cass Robert Sunstein (Law School) and Lawrence H. Summers

This seminar will explore an assortment of issues, ranging from environmental regulation (including climate change) to financial regulation to public health, at the intersection of theory and practice. Among other things, the seminar will discuss the role of cost-benefit analysis, legal limits on regulation, and both standard and behavioral economics.

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