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Scottish independence “grave mistake”

In a interview with CNBC on September 12, 2014 at the YES Conference in Kiev, Summers said, “It would be a grave mistake for Scotland to leave.” continue

Future of US Energy & Climate Security

“I believe that the question of whether the United States should have a substantially more permissive policy with respect to the export of crude oil and with respect to the export of natural gas is easy,”  Summers told a Brookings Institute audience on September 9, 2014. “The answer is affirmative.” continue

NYTimes: Europe is at risk of secular stagnation

In a front page, New York Times story on August 30, 2014, Summer’s says, “Europe is at risk of secular stagnation.”  He added, “There is little chance that reasonable and rapid growth is going to return to the Eurozone.”  The article concluded, “A greatly diminished Europe will mean that the US will increasingly lack its best partners.” continue