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Idle Workers + Low Interest Rates = Time to Rebuild Infrastructure

In a Boston Globe op-ed on April 11, 2014, Summers makes a case for rebuilding our national infrastructure.  He writes, “The single most important step the US government can take to reverse these discouraging trends is to mount a concerted, large-scale program directed at renewing our national infrastructure. “ Read the full op-ed here.

Japan Is Walking On A Very Narrow Ledge

Summers talked with Maria Bartiromo on her new show, ‘Sunday Morning Futures,’ on Fox News on March 30, 2014.  Summers discussed Obamacare’s impact on the jobs market, corporate tax reform, secular stagnation, Japan, Europe and emerging markets. Summers told Bartiromo, “Japan is walking on a very narrow ledge.”  Watch the video here.

21st Century Leadership With David Gergen

Summers joined David Gergen at the 92Y in New York City on March 19, 2014 to discuss 21st Century Leadership. In his introduction, Gergen said, ”Over time, people will look back and say in the late 20th century, Henry Kissinger was the guru people looked to on international affairs.  Years from now, people will look and say, in the early 21st century, Larry Summers was the guru people looked to for understanding and enlightenment with regard to the economy here and internationally.”  Click here to view the video.

Larry Summers on “Secular Stagnation”

There is increasing concern that we may be in an era of secular stagnation in which there is insufficient investment demand to absorb all the financial savings done by households and corporations, even with interest rates so low as to risk financial bubbles.

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