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NYTimes: Europe is at risk of secular stagnation

In a front page, New York Times story on August 30, 2014, Summer’s says, “Europe is at risk of secular stagnation.”  He added, “There is little chance that reasonable and rapid growth is going to return to the Eurozone.”  The article concluded, “A greatly diminished Europe will mean that the US will increasingly lack its best partners.” continue

Secular Stagnation: facts, causes and cures

Summers contributed a chapter, “Reflections on the New Secular Stagnation Hypothesis,” to the new Vox eBook, “Secular Stagnation: facts, causes and cures.” continue


In the Sunday Boston Globe books section, Summers discusses his reading habits in a “Bibliophiles” piece.  He says, “My mother used to take us to the public library every week or two and that set the habit.” continue