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A Lesson on Infrastructure from the Anderson Bridge Fiasco

May 31st, 2016

Sometimes small stories capture large truths. So it is with the fiasco that is the repair of the Anderson Memorial Bridge, connecting Boston and Harvard Square. Rehabilitation of the 232-foot bridge began in 2012, at an estimated cost of about $20 million; four years later, there is no end date in sight and the cost of the project is mushrooming, to $26.5 million at last count. continue

The Fusion of Civilizations

April 21st, 2016

In the May/June 2016 issue of Foreign Affairs, Summers and Mahbubani explore the case for global optimism.  The essay states, “Historians looking back on this age from the vantage point of later generations, however, are likely to be puzzled by the widespread contemporary feelings of gloom and doom. By most objective measures of human well-being, the past three decades have been the best in history. More and more people in more and more places are enjoying better lives than ever before.” continue

Trump, China, Inversions and Austerity

April 19th, 2016

Summers spoke at the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday, warning against austerity measures amid a tepid economy. Yahoo Finance sat down with him to get little more color on the economy and to find out what keeps him up most at night. continue